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What coaches and Hockey Canada facilitators say about Inside Coaching Hockey:

“This is a great book for all coaches, experienced and beginners. It is well organized, logical and full of suggestions which are easily implemented.”

“Coaching should be a continuously evolving art, profession or past time. At all levels, teaching is at its very core. From a teacher’s perspective, Richard’s book acts as an easy to read how to manual providing key elements and subtleties essential to fostering a positive, educational and fun environment for both kids and coaches. Each time you pick up this little gem you will find something to make you pause, reflect and move forward with a sense of purpose. Without hesitation I would recommend this book to all hockey coaches.” 

“This might be the best written book about hockey for coaches who really want to think about the game and are ready to seriously evaluate their own best practices…”

“One of the most applicable coaching books for minor hockey coaches I have ever read.” 

“I have found Richard’s book to be a great source of information for coaches of all levels. His realistic and professional approach to assisting coaches in addressing their concerns is a welcome approach for coaches to learn and grow in their roles as a leader, teacher and coach to our youth. I am pleased to recommend coaches to use Richard’s work as a resource in their daily coaching challenges.”

“Richard has been coaching and teaching across all ages and levels of play since the 1970s so he knows what works and what doesn’t. His book is an entertaining, educational read which I highly recommend to coaches. Give yourself an edge: gain the benefit of Richard’s experience and wisdom.”