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A Nazi war criminal extradited to France from Canada. A soldier’s war memorabilia, including a rambling diary, photos, and a loose page torn from a German ledger book. A 1944 prison escape involving leaders of the French Resistance. A country terrified to learn the truth about collaboration during the war and what happened to its legendary hero. 

David Benson prepares to go to Paris to take on his first professional hockey coaching job. He carries with him the still vivid memories of his father who was killed in a traffic accident in France just weeks before.

However, even before leaving, he is confronted with new information about his father’s death and the role he played while gathering evidence against the Nazi. As France wrestles with a looming war crimes trial, he seeks answers about his father’s mysterious death, who might have been responsible and why. This leads him to connect with people whose pasts are inexorably linked to the present and which put him and a young woman in harm’s way.

Set mainly in Paris in 1980, The Burden of Guilt asks who the real heroes were during the Nazi occupation of France. Are there still secrets that need to be hidden and, if so, why?

A provocative, informative, and entertaining podcast about the world of minor hockey and the people in it.

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– Hosted by Richard Bercuson

“Richard Bercuson has made a real contribution to awareness and men’s health by tackling an important subject with wit and flair…This is not only an entertaining read, but also a cautionary tale: men at risk must be tested, but must also know that after successful treatment, life can go on as before.” – Allan Rock, former Canadian cabinet minister and U.N. Ambassador – and a prostate cancer survivor.


“Richard Bercuson opens the door to his innermost thoughts and feelings as he faces the challenge of his diagnosis and surgical treatment. He confronts them with trepidation, rationalization, humour and bravery. His descriptions of the emotions and events are accurate. This book will help many men better understand the disease and that itself moves us forward in preventing and fighting this major health problem.  This is a very enjoyable, funny and honest account of the roller coaster that is one man’s battle with prostate cancer.” Dr. Chris Morash, MD, Director of The Ottawa Hospital Prostate Cancer Centre.

Available as an e-book (just $4.99) on Kobo & Kindle

A  comprehensive manual for the thinking coach (Revised edition)

“This is the way all our kids should be coached in hockey. It’s skill-based, superb use of space and time, wise about every facet of the game from starting out as a player to coaching at the highest level — and fun. And fun, surely, is what hockey was always intended to be. Congratulations to Richard Bercuson.”

– Roy MacGregor, Hockey Hall of Fame author and journalist

Available as an e-book (just $5.99) on Kobo & Kindle